X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy / XPS

PHI Quantes

PHI Quantes

Pioneer into a new area with an XPS equipped with both hard X-ray & conventional soft X-ray source.

PHI X-tool

This high performance scanning XPS instrument comes with a low price yet makes measurements for all types of applications and features easy, intuitive operation.

XPS, PHI VersaProbe 4

PHI VersaProbe 4

Multi-technique scanning XPS microprobe that provides the highest performance spectroscopy with a sophisticated equipment design.

Auger Electron Spectroscopy / AES, SAM

PHI 710

The only scanning Auger nanoprobe in the world that guarantees a field emission electron source whose spatial resolution is 8 nm or less.


Time-of-Flight SIMS / TOF-SIMS


PHI nanoTOF 3

This new TOF-SIMS instrument has added new unique features and enhanced automated analysis from sample loading through to measurement.


Dynamic SIMS / D-SIMS

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