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Career Information

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Seeking bright and enthusiastic talent!

Even as a small company, we are a global scale top manufacturer of Surface Analytical instruments. We are seeking young talent with a lot of spirits to challenge.

Job type Administrative Dep, Production Dep,
Research & Development Dep, Customer Service Dep,
Analytical Laboratory
Number of openings A  few people
Location Head office (Chigasaki)

Salary (Initial salary)

PhD graduate: 275,200 JPY/month
Master's graduate: 231,700 JPY/month
Four-year university graduate: 219,700 JPY/month

* For heads of households under the age of 35, we offer an additional 20,000 JPY in housing allowance.

Bonus Twice per year: June and December
Working hours

8:30 a.m. to 5:05 p.m. (7.75 hours of actual work)
Shift work system

Days off

Saturdays (Some working days), Sundays, public holidays,
New Year's holidays, other holidays determined by the company
(123 holidays per year).

Leave benefits:
Paid vacations, other special holidays determined by the company

Social insurance Health insurance, welfare pension, worker's accident insurance, unemployment insurance
Employee benefits Various types of insurance, lunch expense support,
travel expenses will be paid
Screening process Application → Document screening → Aptitude test → Interview (travel expenses will be paid)
Application process Please apply by clicking and fulfilling Entry form button below. We will contact you later on.