Dynamic-SIMS / D-SIMS



Remarkable performance with rapid depth profiling

ADEPT-1010 is a perfect choice for analyzing shallow implanted dopants in semiconductors and other materials as well as analyzing thin films and multilayer films. The high density low energy ion beam generated by a floating column enables extreme sensitivity to shallow depth profile at a short time.

Automatic routine analysis

ADEPT-1010 is a high accurate and dedicated tool for depth profiler that faithfully recreates the Automated Depth Profiling Tool.

Since equipped with a high density low energy ion source for analysis of ultra-shallow ion implanted film, an ultra-high vacuum pumping system for improving the lower detection limit of the atmospheric component, and easy-to-use GUI of software for making easy multi-point analysis, all possible fields from manufacturing to R/D allows you to leverage ADEPT-1010.

Primary ion is oxygen, ion energy is 500 eV, and using the high densitylow energy ion source allows getting an ultra-shallow implantation depth profile. phi-adept-1010-1.jpg

Ultra-high vacuum environment obtained by a turbopump of large pumping speed conducts a superior lower detection limit of the atmospheric components even in routine analysis.



Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) configures setting of automatic routine analysis at a short time.