Company Profile and Milestones

2017.08.15 Update

Company Profile and Milestones

Company Profile

Company Name ULVAC-PHI, Inc.
Established November 1, 1982
Capital 100 million yen (as of June 2015)
Shareholder ULVAC, Inc. (100%)
Board of Directors, Auditor, and Executive Officers President Akira Yamamoto
Executive Managing Director Ichiro Kimura
Executive Managing Director Yasuhiro Hara
Executive Director Kazuo Honda
Executive Director Koichi Iwasaki
Executive Director Kazuya Saito
(Executive Officer of ULVAC, Inc.)
Executive Director Ryou Matsumoto
(Executive Officer of ULVAC, Inc.)
Auditor Seiichi Takahashi
(Auditor of ULVAC, Inc.)


May 1969 Physical Electronics Inc. (PHI) forms as one of the first specialty companies for surface analysis instruments in the world, developed by Dr. R. E. Weber of the University of Minnesota.
April 1971 Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd. (now known as ULVAC, Inc.) concludes general agent agreements in Japan with PHI.
November 1982 PHI and Japan Vacuum Engineering Co., Ltd. dissolve general agent agreements to establish the joint-venture company ULVAC-PHI, Inc.
1983 Opens Osaka branch office.
September 1997 Chigasaki headquarter and factory move to the newly-built office.
February 2003 ULVAC-PHI, Inc. purchases the R&D surface analysis instrument division and becomes the leading company in the manufacture and sales of surface analysis instruments.
February 2003 Establishes Physical Electronics USA (PHI-USA).
November 2004 ULVAC-PHI, Inc. starts sales of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy with a C60 ion gun.
December 2008 Releases the newly-developed Gas Cluster Ion Gun.
June 2010 Releases the "PHI 4700 Thin Film Analyzer" Scanning Auger Electron Spectroscopy.
September 2010 Releases the "PHI Quantera II" Scanning XPS Microprobe.
September 2011 Releases the "PHI X-tool" Automated XPS Microprobe.
November 2012 Releases the "PHI 710" Scanning Auger Nanoprobe.
February 2015 Releases the "PHI nanoTOF II" Time-of-flight SIMS.
May 2016 Releases the "PHI 5000 VersaProbe III" Scanning XPS Microprobe.
October 2016 Releases the "Parallel imaging MS/MS option" for the PHI nanoTOF II.
February 2017 Releases the "PHI Quantes" Dual Scanning X-ray (Al Kα & Cr Kα) Photoelectron Microprobe.
August 2017 Headquarter and factory relocate to the ULVAC headquarter.