TOF-SIMS depth profile of organic dopants

2014.08.15 UpdateTOPICS

About Gas Cluster Ion Beams

TOF-SIMS depth profile of organic dopants

GCIB enables depth profile analysis of dopants in organic molecular devices such as organic semiconductors, organic light-emitting devices, and organic solar cells.
In Si and inorganic semiconductors such as III-V semiconductors, only SIMS were used for the depth profile analysis of dopants. The dynamic SIMS used until now have been able to obtain depth profile distribution of microelements, but the structural information of the organic material is lost. It is suggested that depth profile analysis of micromolar organic molecules is possible with TOF-SIMS using GCIB as the etching ion.

Additionally, negative ions with a mass number of 203 is a peak that appears when AlQ3 is left in the atmosphere , but we were also able to confirm that it hardly exists in the film.

Fig 1, Depth profile analysis of 0.5 to 2% dopant molecules in an organic light-emitting device (OLED)