Event finished. Thank you for participating and we look forward to seeing you again.


ECASIA 2017(

Date:September 24(Sun.)- 29(Fri.)
Place:Montpellier, France

If you will be at ECASIA, please stop by out Booth #12 and sit in on the talks that our scientists will be giving throughout the week:

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 5:50pm - Dennis Paul
- Poster : Auger Electron Spectroscopy Analysis of Fresh and Aged Alumina Supported Ag Catalysts

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 4:50-5:10pm - Greg Fisher
“Rapid 100 nm-Scale Tandem MS Imaging and Identification of Endogenous Botanical Metabolites in Sextonia rubra Amazonian Species”

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 12:10 - Ben Schmidt
“Determining bulk and interface chemical damage regimes in XPS depth profiling using cluster ion beams

Thursday, Sept. 28, 11:50am - Jenny Mann
XPS Analysis of Multilayer HfO2 Using Hard and Soft X-rays

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2:00pm - Risayo Inoue
“Design and Application of a New Laboratory HAXPES Instrument