Event Report in China

Event Report in China

On March 11, 2016, ULVAC-PHI participated in the Failure and Material Analysis Seminar, hosted by Wintech Nano-Technology Services, an ULVAC-PHI user, held at the Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou in Suzhou City, China.


ULVAC-PHI made presentations on:

  1. Introduction of PHI’s Latest FE-AES with Its Related Applications
  2. Recent and Expanding Application of Scanning XPS Microprobe
  3. On-Going Projects of Surface Analysis Instrument at ULVAC-PHI
    – HAXPES and MS/MS in TOF-SIMS –

Special thanks to WinTech Nano-Technology Services, for giving ULVAC-PHI an opportunity to present at the seminar, and our agent, CoreTech Integrated, for support.