AVS 67th Virtual Symposium

Event finished. Thank you for participating and we look forward to seeing you again.

AVS 67th Virtual Symposium

October 24 - 29, 2021

The AVS 67 Virtual Symposium will be held on Monday, October 25 - Thursday, October 28, 10 am - 3 pm EDT.  The virtual event will include 10 live sessions, On Demand talks, invited, award, other feature talks, and the AVS awards ceremony.

Tuesday, October 26, 1:15 pm EDT, "Application of a Laboratory-Based Scanning XPS/HAXPES Instrument for the Characterization of Buried Interfaces", K. Artyushkova

Tuesday, October 26, 3:15 pm EDT, "What's New at PHI" Virtual Interactive room.

Thursday, Oct. 28, 10 am-Noon EDT, Virtual award ceremony.  Kateryna Artyushkova will be honored at the ceremony for receiving the 2020 AVS Fellow of the Society Award.

On-Demand Events:

"Correlative XPS-AES Analysis of Surface-Treated Nitinol", B. Schmidt

"XPS Depth Profiling of Metal-Halide Perovskites", J. Mann