Senior’s voice

Senior's Voice-5


What is your job in company?

I'm responsible for conducting overseas sales demonstrations and training related to measurement and data analysis, as well as announcements and presentations at academic conferences and various other events held overseas. I go on overseas business trips about once every month or two.

Are there any parts of your job that are especially difficult?

The sales demonstrations. They're really fun, but also difficult. If we're able to demonstrate best data using our instruments, we may be able to convince customers to purchase our instruments, otherwise, we may lose (to competitors). I feel a lot of pressure when I want to deliver the best date, but I also learn a lot through sales demonstrations. That helps me accumulate experience related to measurement skill and data analysis, which I consider an excellent opportunity to help my career to the next level. Also, when I have business trips to various countries for training and presentations at academic conferences, I have the opportunity to experience their cultures, languages, and people, which is a lot of fun. There are many challenges in my, but none let any of them bring me down.

It've been about two years since you joined the company. What are the biggest differences between here and your home in Taiwan?(

Taiwanese people tend to chat while they work together, but Japanese people are very quiet. I also find something unique in Japan, people greet each other (when passing through the hallways at the company) even if they don't know each other, and need to wear have uniforms. With regard to everyday life, the living expenses are higher than I expected, which was a bit of a shock.

Do you have any advice for your juniors?

ULVAC-PHI is an international company and welcome English speakers. When I can't communicate well in Japanese, others will try to communicate in English, and when I speak Japanese, people try their best to understand. If foreign country people are interested in Japanese culture and wants to work in Japan, ULVAC-PHI is a great choice. You also get many chances to visit other countries by business trip, so it's a great environment if that's the kind of career you pursue. To work in ULVAC-PHI, I'd say, do your best and enjoy yourself!




* The content of this interview is accurate as of March 2018.