PHI VersaProbe 4

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy/XPS

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High Sensitivity, Reliability and Versatility in a Single Instrument

The PHI VersaProbe 4 is the latest generation of PHI’s highly successful multi-technique XPS product line. It includes improved performance and additional technique options important for studying today’s advanced materials.
The PHI VersaProbe 4 features a newly designed analyzer that provides high sensitivity analysis for small to large areas. The VersaProbe 4 offers the ultimate in depth resolution with its high-precision angular acceptance, unique turnkey charge neutralization technology, and a wide variety of options, all combined with the latest automation technology to deliver high sensitivity, high reliability, and high scalability in a single instrument.


  • High-Sensitivity Analysis from Small to Large Areas

  • The Ultimate in Depth Profiling

  • Unique Automated Charge Neutralization

  • Automation and Remote Access Provide a Flexible Working Environment

  • A Wide Selection of Options


High-Sensitivity Analysis from Small to Large Areas

High-Sensitivity/Low Noise Newly Designed Analyzer

XPS is used to study the elemental and chemical composition state of solid surfaces such as battery materials, catalysts, electronic circuit boards, organic semiconductors, metals, polymers, ceramics and glass to meet a wide range of analytical requirements from R&D to failure analysis.
VersaProbe4 is more than twice as sensitive as our previous model, with significantly higher lower detection limits and the ability to perform highly sensitive analysis from very small areas (1 mm).
Our unique micro focus scanning X-rays and scanning X-ray induced secondary electron images (SXI) allow SEM-like sample to navigate the sample and define analysis location with 100% certainty.

* SXI: Scanning X-ray Image






The Ultimate in Depth Profiling

Accurate Depth Profiling using Micro-XPS Analysis Technology

The VersaProbe4's high-sensitivity microanalysis and highly reproducible neutralization performance are outstanding in depth profiling. The combination of sample tilt and sample rotation allows for high depth resolution and high energy accuracy at the same time.


 Depth profiles of 10 nm thick SiO2 thin films taken at different TOA.




Unique Automated Charge Neutralization

Charge Neutralization with No Adjustments Required for Microanalysis of Insulators

VersaProbe4 uses automated charge neutralization, which eliminates the need to make adjustments for each sample to be measured. Automated neutralization uses unique charge neutralization technology combining a low-energy electron beam and an ion beam for efficient neutralization.
It can be adapted to neutralize a wide range of materials and provides unparalleled automated operation for micro-analysis by using an image registration function. Automated and reliable measurements are possible for mixed inorganic/organic materials, and for all analysis area sizes - small or large.





Image registration for small features



Automation and Remote Access Provide a Flexible Working Environment

Remote Access Allows Remote Control of the Instrument

VersaProbe4 allows access to the instrument via the company’s local area network or the internet.
Once a sample has been introduced into the analysis chamber, it is possible to navigate the sample using intro photos and SXI, create automated queue of acquisition tasks, check the measurement status, and analyze the data remotely. The instrument can also be remotely diagnosed by our expert staff.
* For more information on remote diagnostics, please contact our Customer Service Department.



A Wide Selection of Options

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